Looks like a great charity!

I came across an interesting charity yesterday and thought I would share. I am impressed with their ideals http://www.childhaven.ca/gandhi.htm and also their SoyaCow project http://www.childhaven.ca/soyacow.htm

as they state.. another reason to not drink dairy "SoyaCow machines are used in Child Haven homes in Kathmandu, Bangladesh, Hyderabad and Kaliyampoondi because soy milk is low cost, high protein product which is cheaper to produce than cow's milk. From a given acreage, ten times as much soy milk can be produced at one third to one half the price of cow's milk. Soy milk made on the premises of schools and homes is safe from contamination by dilution with water. It is also free from the danger of transmitting tuberculosis or other diseases from infected cows."

I'm an alcoholic

well.. actually no, but I bought some creme de menthe a while back, and just now I put a little bit in my chocolate soymilk and WOW. yum. First time I had creme de menthe... my usually thing is to chew mint gum before drinking chocolate soymilk.


A week ago I got to see Stomp at the NAC (bonus: it was free). When I was high school age I used to be somewhat of a fanatic newspaper clipper... mostly things from the Homes section, but one thing I clipped when I first heard about it was Stomp... it was the one thing I wanted to see most at the NAC (I've been to concerts, plays, ballets, operas)... but I just couldn't stand to pay for a "regular priced" ticket.

The show was GREAT! I love percussion, so I enjoyed that aspect of it, but it was hilarious too. I won't get into the big-haired comic himself, who was always making people laugh..... but here are two:

1. Everyone has gathered with their newspapers, making lots of noise turning pages, when a guy on one side turns his and finds it becomes bigger. He stands up and continues to unfold it until it's a huge piece lying on the floor. Then to everyone's amazement, he decides to roll himself up in it. After all have lost interest and gone back to reading their papers, the roll starts to slowly "hatch".... and a butterfly emerges... it flutters around for a moment, and then races away..... right into a wall... and the guy/butterfly literally bounced off the wall... onto the ground and lay there, with "wings" twitching.

2. 4 guys walk out with kitchen sinks strapped in front of them. The one is squeaking his yellow rubber gloves on the inside edges. They proceed to try to outdo each other with dish solos.. banging dishes, squeaking, and splashing water. Finally when all have had enough, they retreat several feet where awaits four pail and they proceed to drain their sinks... into the pails. They finish up... but one guy, he's taking forever.... and ever... to drain... as we all watch this endless stream of water from his sink drain, falling into the pail... ... ... FINALLY the last few drops fall... and the guy gives his sink a little shake.

Incredibly fun show... one I would love to see again.

Vegan Winter Coats.

I posted about winter coats a long time ago, and spent a lot of time looking. I ended up going through most of the websites for the stores listed here:
I finally found what I was looking for at ecko clothing,
this coat.
Being in Canada, and wanting to see if they were sold locally, I called 514-335-3333 +6. For Canadians, they can let you know local outlets. A close Athletes World ended up carrying the exact coat I wanted (even though the guys at that number couldn't confirm they had them, and when I called there the first time, they said they didn't have any....).
Of course if you are not so picky/have something very specific in mind, there seems to be quite a number of places to find non-downfilled, non-fur, non-leather, non-wool coats.

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