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Well, when I first moved into the Glebe Area, we used to always rent from West Coast Video over the bridge in Old Ottawa South. There we could rent new releases for 4.55, and on wednesdays we were able to get 2 for 1... 2 new releases for 4.55 (for one night)! At some point there was movie dollars in cereal boxes and I can't remember it was $2 off or more than that, but I was able to use them at West Coast Video on their 2 for 1 days! So I was paying less than $2 each for a new release. But eventually I decided that my time was worth more than the bit of money I saved walking all the way to West Coast, and I started going to Alpha which was MUCH closer to me. The movies there were $5 and I got to know all the guys working there and tried to encourage them to also have some kind of deal on quantity, or discount an older movie when renting with a new release... or SOMETHING. Eventually they created a deal that from sunday to wednesday you could get 2 new releases for 2 nights for $8.... so I would ALWAYS rent 2 movies... and usually on Friday or Saturday we would rent one too. Well, they eventually cut their deal altogether, we got tv and started watching that a little more.. and now they have upped their prices to $5.75. So.... I love you guys but you are getting nowhere near the money I used to spend. Even their older movies are like $5.. but you can keep them a week (well, that's useless cause I watch them the first night so to me they cost the same as a new release). I started buying more DVDs there (for family Christmas) because there is a deal when you buy 3 you pay $10 for each (West Coast charges $10 even if you buy only one though).

Anyway, so what am I doing now?? I've signed up for (like netflix) and it's great! They have so much selection, and basically anything that is sold on DVD can be found there (although I am unhappy that more shows haven't been released on DVD... like Supernanny, and the other seasons of the Apprentice besides the first). I've watched things I never would have otherwise rented... such as "Cirque Du Soleil" and "Yamakasi". Yamakasi: I first heard about this movie when "Ripley's Believe it or Not" mentioned these guys in Paris who invented an extreme sport, Parkour (, and that they even were in a movie. It's really too bad that the movie was only in french with no subtitles, because I couldn't understand a thing. I fastforward the talking/drama bits, and enjoyed the action/sport a lot. I've also discovered tv shows like Quantum Leap which I never heard of before.. and will be renting some of my old tv favorites: Sliders and Pretender.

Another website that is cool is You plug in a song or artist that you like, and then they play other artist/songs that they think sound somewhat similar and you might like. I plugged in Bond (artist) and have free music I've never heard that is a style I like.
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