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Go Clean and Green

I am so excited by the emerging green technologies around the world, and would like to see Canada take a progressive and active part in these technologies by implementing suitable green alternatives to nuclear here in Ontario.

Let Ontario know! ... you can just use their letter, add a personal note if you like.. put in your address and e-mail.... simple!

More Info:
A New Electricity Strategy for Ontario: Moving toward a renewable electricity future - Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Taking Canada from Worst to First: Improving energy efficiency standards in Canada - WWF Canada

Smart Generation: Powering Ontario with Renewable Energy - David Suzuki Foundation

Lighting the Way: The Sierra Club's Look at First Steps Toward a Clean Energy Future - Sierra Club of Canada

PS... I've been annoyed by those pro-nuclear commercials on TV put out by Ottawa Express said "Of course it would be unfair to claim the OPA only wants nuclear for Ontario. During our interview, Hay said a prudent person wouldn't "put all your eggs in one basket." Carr said the same thing in an interview with the Toronto Star last week: "We're taking a portfolio management kind of approach. You know, hedge your risks, don't put all your eggs in one basket." It's a cute way of saying that on top of conservation, wind, solar and natural gas, Ontario must continue producing radioactive toxic waste for the foreseeable future. Clean, reliable and affordable, claims the Canadian Nuclear Association in TV ads, as the industry scrambles to figure out how to safely store byproducts that remain radioactive for 100,000 years. And affordable? The Darlington nuclear station outside Toronto was supposed to cost $4 billion to build. It cost $14 billion then had to shut down eight of its 20 reactors for technical reasons in 1997."

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