vaalea (vaalea) wrote,


Well, like I said it's been really hot in the apt and we have to open the windows, which we haven't pulled down the screen (it was up to accommodate the air conditioner) and last night I woke up to "there's a cat in here" so I had to chase it out and close the window.... so I shut it most of the way, leaving a crack that I thought was smaller than the cats head, but moments after going back to bed, the cat was back. I got up to chase it out again, and I watched the cat start to squash it's body through the opening again (crazy!). I opened the window and then shut it behind the cat... but then it was decided, well maybe it was locked out (well after midnight) and we shouldn't leave it outside so I had to get up open the window and after a while the cat came in and curled up at the foot of the bed for the night. When I woke up, I saw the cat walking around, but it disappeared by the time I got up.
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