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Veganism on TV show "House"

There was an interesting episode of "House" (first time I've seen it) and they had a couple bring in a baby who had pneumonia... and the Doctor said that wasn't what they had to worry about, the baby was underweight. Then the couple say they are raw food vegan and have been feeding the baby a vegan diet after stopping breastfeeding (although the baby looked rather young) so the doctor tells them the baby will get back on weight on IV (don't worry it's vegan he says) and that they should put the baby on a "human" diet or something like that.... ANYWAY... some OTHER person in the hospital decides to call Child Services and the couple are arrested for abuse/neglect.

When they got out on bail they went back to the doctor and said that they didn't understand that they were doing anything wrong for their baby... after all they had the diet approved by their uncle a professional nutritionist. So the doctor orders a CT(?) scan on the baby, and it ends up the baby had some genetic problem (thymus gland problem/DiGeorge Syndrome) that affected the baby's weight gain.... and it wouldn't have mattered what they fed the baby, she would have lost weight.

I thought that way a nice twist... because we often hear these stories about vegans who are not nutritionally aware trying to raise the kids vegan anyway (not good).. or just in general this malice towards raising a child vegan even if they ARE nutritionally aware. Look here for episode 18:

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